she/$/🛒/luv/idol blk (haitian) + yt adhd npd autistic singlet
HI i'm sawyer ^_^

ABOUT ME! i'm a 15 year old nonbinary artist who likes the color pink a normal and socially acceptable amount! i like to think i'm funny (i am) and cool (debatable). my typology is entp (ne-ti-fe-si) 3w2 317 sx/so evlf chol-san which basically means i'm a bitch

INTERESTS (* = hypfx or sp/in) *typology (enneagram, mbti, etc), *hannibal, venom, *enstars, *blaseball, digital art, html/css coding, dirk gently's holistic detective agency, whokilledxix, doja cat, rico nasty, the front bottoms, 100 gecs, food house, kreayshawn, gwen stefani, gyaru fashion
BYF trickstarP (ask me about poly trickstar), please use tone tags with me but no "/gen" "/pos" or "/srs" on compliments it makes me kinda paranoid, i'm bad at remembering to tw things, my memory is just shit in general if i don't remember something you said don't take it personally, i may unfollow if you don't follow back. it's not personal it just messes with me to see people not following me on my tl sometimes i'm sorry

PLEASE TAG as sdl or sawyer dont look images of sundrop fnaf, any "warning" tweets ("don't look at this site", "don't look this up", "don't watch this video if you see it" etc), transmedicalism, fat fetish, izumako
DNI basic dni, nsfw, proship, radinclus, dsmp, white blaseball fan (unless i follow first), izumiPs or kinnies (ask 2 follow), izumako shippers

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